Good Old Days

Do you remember the good old days when young(er) adults used to roll their eyes at unsolicited advice? Like when adult-er adults used to remind them that they’re in their twenties or even worse, late twenties, and that they should probably get married, and then went on to give well-intended career tips and pointers.

Apparently not, because we’ve been busy reading and sharing how certain people who are 28 (or 29; it keeps changing progressively) are engaged in academics and politics, instead of working and supporting their family (because higher studies are for people with the monies?). Might as well recommend Bharat Matrimony to them while we are at it, no?

Do yogoodu remember the good old days when, for a lot of us, eating beef fry was not (also) a political statement but just another special day at home like Chicken Day, There’s No LPG So Let’s Eat from Outside Day or Leftover Fried Rice from Yesterday Day?

Do you remember the good old days when good old days were referred to as good old days, and not as ‘Achhe Din’? Well.


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