[Me]: *Combing my hair. Hair Falling. Ignoring.*

[Me in the mirror]: *stares back with dung under nose expression*

[Me]: *Comb, comb. Turns bald.*

[MITM]: Why do you always wear that T-shirt? You should wear something brighter.

[Me]: This T is as big as the void in my heart and as grey as my soul. Stop Expecto Patronizing me.
*floats out of the room swishing my imaginary Dementor cloak*

And now, this equally tepid but very colourful Harry Potter fan strip I drew a million years ago.


6 thoughts on “Potterica

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  1. [Me]: *Before starting to read post at office* Silencio people.

    [My reflection on screen]: *One eyebrow raised on reading intro joke*

    [Me]: OK, maybe the cartoon will be mind-blowing.

    [MROS]: A dash of Rictusempra for all readers needed.

    [Me]: *Acciodents happen* Flits to other posts to reaffirm belief in Pushparaj.

    Kidding aside, nice to know the origins. You’ve come a long way. Maybe I can have a blog in 10 years time 😛

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    1. Thank you for dropping by. Your comments here are much more appreciated than on the you-know-which page :p
      Next time I’m not giving you a 2 day build-up 😀 And, didn’t I make you read the cartoon before giving you HBP for your train journey?


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